• Mercredi 03 Octobre 2018
  • Red Hat Forum BeNeLux 2018


    Come with questions. Leave with ideas.

    Open source is collaborative curiosity. It’s about a culture with a desire to connect and the technologies to do it. Yet what draws our attention isn’t the technology alone; it’s what we can do with it. It gives us the platform for imagination, a focal point to collectively push for new possibilities.

    Automation, AI, machine learning--these are a gift we gave ourselves, the luxury of reclaimed time to wonder. To ask not only “What if?” but also “What for?” and “With whom?”

    Red Hat Forums are the place for these questions, a gathering of the curious, an arena of ideas to reinvent what we have and to dream of what we might. So join us in Breda - come with questions, leave with ideas.

    Look forward to:

    • Keynote presentations on industry trends
    • Detailed technological implementation sessions
    • Conversational sessions with industry experts
    • Learning from customer references
    • Hands-on labs
    • Live demos



    Location: Chassé Theater
    Claudius Prinsenlaan 8
    4811 DK Breda
    Postbus 1135
    4801 BC Breda

  • Jeudi 18 Octobre 2018
  • Digital First 2018

  • Digital First

  • Vendredi 23 Novembre 2018
  • Marketing Innovation Summit

  • Marketing Innovation Summit